Who is ALLSTAR Realty Inspections?


ALLSTAR Realty Inspections is the premier Central Texas home inspection firm founded by Professional Inspector Chris Coaty. We are defined by our values which are based on Trust, Integrity and Professionalism. ALLSTAR Realty Inspections is a multi point home inspection firm. This means that an ALLSTAR professional can inspect and advise on most systems included with the structure. We whole heartedly believe that it is not only our job, but our absolute pleasure to go the extra mile for our clients.

What sets ALLSTAR Realty Inspections apart from other firms?

EXPERIENCE - Home inspections are not something that can be solely learned from a textbook or a classroom. So many of todays “inspectors” have simply taken online courses and a test to become licensed, but do not have real world experience in the field in which they are inspecting. A good inspector should have hands on experience and real working knowledge of the construction industry, materials and proper application techniques. We believe that first hand experience is one of the keys to being an ALLSTAR in the inspection industry. Our experts are either former tradesmen with earned experience or we have molded them from an apprentice long before they ever see a classroom and especially a paid inspection. 

Communication - Due to the nature of an inspection, the content provided can sometimes seem scary or overwhelming.  That shouldn't be the case.  Our goal is for the information to be delivered to our clients in a thorough but easy to understand manner. We want to leave every client with a solid understanding of the property's condition and the ability to make informed decisions.  We will be there to answer any questions that may arise after during inspection, after the report delivery, or anytime in the future.

Services -Along with a great team of industry experts come some extraordinary services and packages that are not normally associated with a typical home inspection. 

Giving back to our community

ALLSTAR Realty Inspections also gives back to the community and charitable organizations. A percentage of every inspection helps fund a charity for those who are in need. This allows us the privilege to help those in need and our way of saying THANK YOU!


Central Texas home inspector Chris Coaty with ALLSTAR Realty Inspections.

Chris Coaty

Owner & Professional Home Inspector

A Round Rock TX native, Chris Coaty has been in the residential/commercial industry for over 20 years. Outside of working in various trades, Chris successfully ran his own 5 STAR residential business. He specialized in rehab and maintenance of foreclosed and bank owned properties as well as providing repair and remodeling services to home owners across Central TX. This earned hands on experience, wealth of knowledge and having been a Professional Inspector since 2012, gives Chris an edge that a lot of inspectors cannot compete with. Aside from being one of the ALLSTARS, running a successful inspection company and regularly completing multiple inspections every day, Chris enjoys time with his beautiful wife Carly, kids Jaelyn and Kelton and of course the pups Leroy and Lucille. 

Chris is licensed with the Texas Real Estate Commission, Texas Dept of Agriculture (SPCL) and the National Association of Wastewater Technicians.

TREC#20512 | CA#773693 | NAWT#12195ITC

Inactive Central Texas home inspector Neal Siegler with ALLSTAR Realty Inspections.

Neal Siegler

Business Relations Consultant

Neal was born in New Jersey but got to Texas as quick as he could.  With 22 years of management experience and over 2 years experience as a Professional Inspector, Neal is able to combine his business expertise with hands on experience of residential and commercial inspections.  When not working for the best inspection company in central Texas, Neal enjoys spending time with his wife Kelly and daughters Allison and Anabelle.

Central Texas home inspector Quinn Coaty with ALLSTAR Realty Inspections.

Quinn Coaty

Professional Home Inspector

Quinn is a former tradesman, specializing in audio and video systems, as well as various civil engineering projects. He graduated from Madison Media Institute as well as Mid State Technical College. Quinn has spent almost a decade in both of these trades. Along with Home Inspections, Quinn has the expert knowledge to inspect AV systems which is a service most inspectors do not provide. This earned real-world experience provides a solid foundation and an eye for detail in the inspection industry. 

TREC#23473 | TDA#815224

Central Texas home inspector Casey Callais with ALLSTAR Realty Inspections.

Casey Callais

Professional Home Inspector 

"Se habla español"

Casey is a SE Texas native who grew up remodeling houses with his father.  This experience led to flipping houses to pay for college at Lamar University.  Casey spent over a decade traveling the world with his construction skills and eventually settled down in Nicaragua where he led volunteer groups installing renewable energy systems and building schools.  Ten years later he's married to his wife Marcela and has two kids, Xabier and Dominic.  Casey wanted more for his family, so he decided to return to Texas and join the ALLSTAR team.  Casey has years of earned real-world experience that gives him an edge in the inspection industry..

TREC#23456 | TDA#815220